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    Our client is a global business operating in 100 countries and for the past 21 years in Thailand. They are the largest system suppliers in the field of furniture fittings, architectural hardware, home appliance, sanitary, tooling, LED lighting and electronic locking systems. Our client is a centralised system, which allows for fast decision making, giving them a competitive advantage.  The trading and distribution channels consist of construction companies, modern trade, traditional trade and company owned retail stores. Our client employs 1,500 people in Thailand alone and the current turnover globally is over $1.5 billion, with $90 million coming from the Thai entity – by 2020 the objective is to increase this to $150 million in Thailand.
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    A truly global MNC operating in 70 countries with double digit y-o-y growth, generating a multi-billion dollar annual turnover. Our client’s Corporate Social Responsibility is intrinsically linked to their core business of natural and synthetic rubber – Greatly subsidising non-branded products to global aid agencies has established a reputable ethos. Branded products are largely consumed by the US, Brazil, Germany, UK, and France. A 15,000 strong workforce with 2,000 employees in two sites across Thailand, helps support ambitious yet achievable objectives for rapid growth in ‘premium brand’ markets. The organisation is both flat and matrix in its structure, depending on manufacturing, distribution or corporate functions. As such, exceptional talents are encouraged to follow both horizontal career paths (to other plant locations) and vertical moves to senior managerial roles of global business units.
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PRTR Executive Recruitment is based in Bangkok and in the Eastern Seaboard region of Thailand, was established in 1990 and is recognized as Thailand’s leading Executive Search and Recruitment company. Typically, our customer solutions are based on combining our Executive Search and Recruitment methods to create unique Search and Recruitment solutions which focus on providing sustainable and achievable commercial improvements to our client companies. PRTR Executive Recruitment makes a firm commitment to optimize the value we add to our client firms by attracting the best Executives in Thailand at the time of each search, which in turn ensures PRTR Executive Recruitment keeps customers and that we maximise our customer’s profit margins.

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