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    Our executive recruitment process begins with PRTR Executive holding an initial meeting with our client's decision-making representative.

    At this initial meeting our client will meet the recruitment team that will be responsible for carrying out the recruitment process.

    This team will then be responsible for establishing the following :

    • That the client's requirement is fully understood.
    • That the business reason for the client recruiting and the impact that the recruitment process will have on the client is fully realized.
    • That the demand of the client is matched to the supply of executive and management talent available in Thailand.
    • That the client's timelines are realistic and that a firm completion date is agreed.
    • That the recruitment methods are explained and rationalized.
    • That the client's interview and decision making process is clearly understood and is practical in allowing a decision to be made.
    • That the most efficient search and assessment methods and reference checks are selected and agreed.

    Following this initial meeting, PRTR Executive would employ up to six search methods which would comprise of :

    • Newspaper advertising.
    • Researching or headhunting from targeted companies / candidates.
    • Searching an internal database.
    • Networking and building candidate referrals.
    • Using PRTR Executive website and other job boards.
    • Using social media tools

    In-depth behavior based interviews will be conducted by the PRTR Executive team that initially met with the client to maximize the effectiveness of the search before a final shortlist of personally recommended candidates presented to the client.

    Following the presentation of candidates, PRTR Executive will then conduct reference checks on preferred candidates and participate in contractual negotiations at the client's discretion to ensure our candidates seamless transition into our client's business environment.

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Your headhunting, executive search and executive recruitment specialists in Bangkok, Thailand


PRTR Executive Recruitment is based in Bangkok and in the Eastern Seaboard region of Thailand, was established in 1990 and is recognized as Thailand’s leading Executive Search and Recruitment company. Typically, our customer solutions are based on combining our Executive Search and Recruitment methods to create unique Search and Recruitment solutions which focus on providing sustainable and achievable commercial improvements to our client companies. PRTR Executive Recruitment makes a firm commitment to optimize the value we add to our client firms by attracting the best Executives in Thailand at the time of each search, which in turn ensures PRTR Executive Recruitment keeps customers and that we maximise our customer’s profit margins.

Please visit our “past assignments” section to view some of our previous clients. Please visit our “contact us” section if you would like further information about our Executive Search and Recruitment services and if you have any comments, compliments or criticisms of PRTR Executive Recruitment, please provide these comments to Richard Bennett at richard@prtr.com.

PRTR Executive Recruitment is part of the PRTR group of companies which is recognized as one of Thailand’s most successful independent executive search, recruitment, human resource outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, staff outsourcing, sales force outsourcing and business process outsourcing business groups. As you will read within this site, as Executive Recruiters and Headhunters we are very proud of our achievements and very confident in our ability to outshine our competitors. Typically, our customer solutions are based on combining our services to create unique solutions which focus on providing sustainable and achievable commercial improvements to our client companies and focus on PRTR’s project management ability. We have the firm commitment as Executive Recruiters and Headhunters to take responsibility for our actions and our aim is to optimize the value we add to our client firms, which in turn ensures we keep customers and maximises our profit margin.

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